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Welcome to ABC | 541.566.2505

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ABC Mountain Retreat in Northeastern Oregon offers you a place of beauty in a peaceful atmosphere. Our beautiful cabins, meeting facilities, RV sites and campsites in a unique Blue Mountain location are a great combination for your next weekend getaway, reunion or retreat.

Couples looking for a special time away together will enjoy our secluded cozy cabins with their ever-changing forested views. Groups will enjoy the new Bethany House Pavilion for their meetings and meals!

Bring your groups, families and friends for a memorable experience that the trees, fresh mountain air, and good company are sure to bring. We love to host retreats, reunions and groups for people of all ages. The only prerequisite is that you love the outdoors!

Browse through the pages of this website to get information about facility and cabin rentals, camping opportunities and our beautiful Blue Mountain location.

Make your reservations online!
Email us for information at:
Phone:  (541) 566-2505


New Times for Checking in and Out

Jan - 26 2018 | no comments | By

We need to make an adjustment to our check in and check out times! During the Winter months we have a lot shorter times of daylight. In order to better serve you, we are changing those times. Check in will be at 3:00 PM and check out will be at 12:00 PM. This time will last until Summer when our regular 4:00 PM check in and 1:00 PM check out will be back in effect.


Jul - 28 2016 | no comments | By

How to say “thank you” to all of the folks who have volunteered countless hours this past year at ABC Mountain Retreat! My heart is full. Thanks to those of you that have come out from King’s Circle Assembly, Corvallis, OR Mike Ashabranner’s Church of Richland, WA, Bethel Baptist, Pasco, WA, and the men from the chapel at Mountain Home, ID–you are my heroes. Thanks to you we have lots of wood for winter, the roofs won’t blow off, and the water pipes are not leaking! And our deck on the back of the Pavilion is Beefy enough to withstand the snowiest Winter! The Chapman’s have been hard at work on our Outdoor Chapel soon to have its’ first Outdoor Wedding ever. They have replaced the wood on the benches, terraced the hillside, added a beautiful platform and bark dust covering the complete Chapel area. It is a wonderful addition to our camp! We are truly blessed to have the many workers of all ages spend countless hours making this camp the most beautiful that I have yet seen! I love you all, and am looking forward to your visit again soon! I pray that God will richly bless your lives as much as you have blessed mine. My heart to yours, Noreen Palmer

The Passing of a Wonderful Man

Sep - 20 2015 | no comments | By

September 13th marks a day that will not be soon forgotten. We’ve lost a soul whose life enriched everyone that met him. Rod Palmer was one of a team of four people who arrived at ABC Mountain Retreat just about eleven years ago. With his design skills brought with him from his years at Hanford and love of the outdoors, he gave the camp not only hard work with integrity but helped to shape our understanding of what it means to live in the mountains. If you have ever spent a few minutes talking with him around the campfire, you have heard some great stories of the best ways to hunt, and why he stopped doing it after many years of successful seasons. We were blessed to have him here, and will miss him. God is the one in charge of our days, and called him home.

Happy Fourth of July!

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We are proud to live in a country that has been blessed by God for over 200 years. Thank you to every veteran who sacrificed years of their lives to ensure that Americans would continue to live free. We cannot take these blessings for granted! We look to God to continue to grant us the same liberty in the years to come, and to guide and direct our paths and freedom for the future. God, Bless America!

Winter 2014

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We are having a really different winter in the Blue Mountains this year. Normally we would be navigating the camp on our snowmobiles, and zipped up inside our warmest jackets. We have had two really nice snowstorms that gave our Christmas season guests the opportunity to get out and enjoy a white Christmas. Eighteen inches of snow at the New Year gave way to bare ground in no time. Today we look out our windows and see an inch of new snow that fell last night. It’s not over yet! We still have another six weeks of winter that could bring the snow that our mountains and valleys need. Prayers and yes even those snow dances are appreciated! Thank you to all of you that have visited this past year. It has been a pleasure to serve you; we are looking forward to seeing you here again soon! My heart to yours,

Noreen Thimell Palmer

Donations in memorial to Jill Palmer’s passing

Jul - 25 2014 | no comments | By

Hello friends,

In the last few days since Jill’s passing  we have been really touched by the outpouring of love and support.   We have had people asking how they can donate to ABC Mountain Retreat in Jill’s memory.  If you are wanting to do this, here are two possibilities:

One is via Paypal.  Below you will find a button that will take you to Paypal which will let you donate whatever you would like in her name.


The second way is to send a check to ABC Mountain Retreat at:

ABC Mountain Retreat
45652 Adams Rd
Pendleton, OR 97801

Our family of God is good, isn’t it?

Much love…

All of your friends at ABC


The loss of our dear friend Jill Palmer

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Dear Friends,

This week was a difficult week for the camp. Jill Palmer passed away unexpectedly this week. Jill had been living and working here at ABC for over 10 years now. She was an integral part of the everyday life here. She was one of the managers, helped keep up the land, decorating and cleaning the cabins, taking reservations, working with the ever present firewood process, and offered countless hours for the rehabilitation of the property over our time here.

Jillybean left this world far too soon. Over the last week we have been delighted by the stories of the strong and positive impact that she had on so many lives. We weep every time we hear them, for our own hearts were changed too…

This world is a better place because of the selfless advocation that she offered this camp and all those who came into its boundaries. Her sweet spirit always brought joy along with it. Jill’s soul will be so dearly missed. We are so grateful for our time with her, and know that heaven is sweeter now that she has crossed onto her new life.

We’ll miss you dear friend.


A Place for All Seasons

Feb - 15 2014 | no comments | By

One thing that I have been struck by in the ten years that I have been here is the versatility that we enjoy here at the camp. We meet folks that visit here every summer, and some who can’t wait for the snows of winter for their trip to ABC. It is definitely a place to enjoy all year round, as we get lots of snow in the winter, and balmy temperatures in the summer. This winter the weather has sailed between periods of rain during one week and feet of snow in the next. Underneath all of it is a layer of ice that was laid in during the sub-freezing temperatures that we had early on. When I was fretting that there was too much ice mixed in with the snow, kids were writing in our guest books about how well they could sled on it! Even in the summer time when the fire danger gets to be too high to allow for outdoor fires, our resilient guests have small fires in their cabin wood stoves that allow the kids to have their s’mores anyway. I really treasure the privilege of watching families and groups spending time together and enjoying each other’s company at every time of the year. Thank you, from my heart to yours–Noreen Thimell

A Sad Day

Dec - 14 2012 | no comments | By

Our hearts and prayers go out to the families, friends and truly the nation today as we mourn the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. There are no words to adequately express the sense of loss that we are left with. Take some time out to hug your children, reach out to family members, and pray for those who have had their loved ones stripped from them today. My heart reaching out to yours, Noreen

Latest Updates

Dec - 11 2012 | no comments | By

Dear ABC Followers,

Today is a quiet day. The weather is overcast and cool. Lots of snow up on top–and we have a couple of inches on the ground. We know you are getting ready for Christmas, as we are for your arrival. It looks like more snow in the forecast, so it should be a wintry holiday for all. In the middle of this time, we want to pause and say thank you to God for the greatest gift of all–a little baby born in a manger more than 2,000 years ago. God’s gift to us–His son named Jesus, sent to make a way to bridge the biggest gap of all, between ourselves and Him. So Merry Christmas to us all! I hope your holidays with family will reflect the wonder of Christmas and the joy of being with those you love the most.

Our hearts looking out for yours,

Noreen for ABC Mountain Retreat