A Place for All Seasons

Feb - 15 2014

One thing that I have been struck by in the ten years that I have been here is the versatility that we enjoy here at the camp. We meet folks that visit here every summer, and some who can’t wait for the snows of winter for their trip to ABC. It is definitely a place to enjoy all year round, as we get lots of snow in the winter, and balmy temperatures in the summer. This winter the weather has sailed between periods of rain during one week and feet of snow in the next. Underneath all of it is a layer of ice that was laid in during the sub-freezing temperatures that we had early on. When I was fretting that there was too much ice mixed in with the snow, kids were writing in our guest books about how well they could sled on it! Even in the summer time when the fire danger gets to be too high to allow for outdoor fires, our resilient guests have small fires in their cabin wood stoves that allow the kids to have their s’mores anyway. I really treasure the privilege of watching families and groups spending time together and enjoying each other’s company at every time of the year. Thank you, from my heart to yours–Noreen Thimell

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