Jul - 28 2016

How to say “thank you” to all of the folks who have volunteered countless hours this past year at ABC Mountain Retreat! My heart is full. Thanks to those of you that have come out from King’s Circle Assembly, Corvallis, OR Mike Ashabranner’s Church of Richland, WA, Bethel Baptist, Pasco, WA, and the men from the chapel at Mountain Home, ID–you are my heroes. Thanks to you we have lots of wood for winter, the roofs won’t blow off, and the water pipes are not leaking! And our deck on the back of the Pavilion is Beefy enough to withstand the snowiest Winter! The Chapman’s have been hard at work on our Outdoor Chapel soon to have its’ first Outdoor Wedding ever. They have replaced the wood on the benches, terraced the hillside, added a beautiful platform and bark dust covering the complete Chapel area. It is a wonderful addition to our camp! We are truly blessed to have the many workers of all ages spend countless hours making this camp the most beautiful that I have yet seen! I love you all, and am looking forward to your visit again soon! I pray that God will richly bless your lives as much as you have blessed mine. My heart to yours, Noreen Palmer

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