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I really enjoy going on walks here at the camp. I never know what curious animal friends I am going to encounter. Because I am never in a hurry to get somewhere on these hikes, I am inclined to make stops along the way to see what has changed or who might be out there. We do have friendly albeit somewhat timid deer here; and they are always peeking around the next tree or corner. They enjoy showing off their new fawns as much as we love encountering them! Sometime during the late fall; usually around the end of October, we start getting our snow. The deer stay here as long as they can, filling up on late berries and the lush grasses and plants that grow here. They know that when the snow gets too deep they have to move down to the lower terrains. During this migration we see many white tails who live higher up that are passing through. The next time you’re here, try taking a walk and just “mosey”. The deer do this as they wander from bush to flower–grazing for a few moments, picking up their heads and listening, taking a few more steps and grazing again. If they are startled their white tails will go up–we call them “flags”–and they run as fast as they can to escape the impending danger. Try moseying and see what you can see!

Mama and baby

It’s a beautiful day!

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After a 2 day marathon of crazy, joyous, and somewhat tumultuous work on our brand-new web-site (thanks to a crack team consisting of Terradon Iler, Jason Iler and me), we are up and running with some beautiful pages that I can only look at with amazement. Thanks again for the flurry, the fun, and frolics we had getting this done! Rod and Jill were hard at work here at the camp bringing in and splitting the wood for our winter supply! ūüôā

And here I am, back on the mountain on a beautiful, balmy day! We are readying for the next bunch coming in–Valley Camps will be commandeering the place next week with a beautiful group of kids. We are so glad to have them in. Hope your day is going as well as mine!

Welcome to ABC | 541.566.2505

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ABC Mountain Retreat in Northeastern Oregon offers you a place of beauty in a peaceful atmosphere. Our beautiful cabins, meeting facilities, RV sites and campsites in a unique Blue Mountain location are a great combination for your next weekend getaway, reunion or retreat.

Couples looking for a special time away together will enjoy our secluded cozy cabins with their ever-changing forested views. Groups will enjoy the new Bethany House Pavilion for their meetings and meals!

Bring your groups, families and friends for a memorable experience that the trees, fresh mountain air, and good company are sure to bring. We love to host retreats, reunions and groups for people of all ages. The only prerequisite is that you love the outdoors!

Browse through the pages of this website to get information about facility and cabin rentals, camping opportunities and our beautiful Blue Mountain location.

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