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Dec - 11 2012

Dear ABC Followers,

Today is a quiet day. The weather is overcast and cool. Lots of snow up on top–and we have a couple of inches on the ground. We know you are getting ready for Christmas, as we are for your arrival. It looks like more snow in the forecast, so it should be a wintry holiday for all. In the middle of this time, we want to pause and say thank you to God for the greatest gift of all–a little baby born in a manger more than 2,000 years ago. God’s gift to us–His son named Jesus, sent to make a way to bridge the biggest gap of all, between ourselves and Him. So Merry Christmas to us all! I hope your holidays with family will reflect the wonder of Christmas and the joy of being with those you love the most.

Our hearts looking out for yours,

Noreen for ABC Mountain Retreat

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