Winter 2014

Feb - 21 2015

We are having a really different winter in the Blue Mountains this year. Normally we would be navigating the camp on our snowmobiles, and zipped up inside our warmest jackets. We have had two really nice snowstorms that gave our Christmas season guests the opportunity to get out and enjoy a white Christmas. Eighteen inches of snow at the New Year gave way to bare ground in no time. Today we look out our windows and see an inch of new snow that fell last night. It’s not over yet! We still have another six weeks of winter that could bring the snow that our mountains and valleys need. Prayers and yes even those snow dances are appreciated! Thank you to all of you that have visited this past year. It has been a pleasure to serve you; we are looking forward to seeing you here again soon! My heart to yours,

Noreen Thimell Palmer

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